About Insuseal

INSUSEAL Advanced Insulation is a closed corporation operating in the building industry, where we identified an opportunity to help address the urgent need for getting buildings compliant to the latest Energy Efficiency Requirements and Regulations.

We the founding partners, have been operating as Architects and Managers of Building Projects for over twenty years.

While sourcing for the most efficient insulation systems available today, we identified a specific product as the best solution to address Energy Efficiency and Thermal Comfort of Buildings . . .

This product is Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF).

In brief, what makes SPF unique?

Closed Cell Polyurethane has one of the highest R-values of any commercially available materials, which means better performance with less thickness required.

But . . . R-value alone, is not the answer!

It is applied as a liquid which foams, to produce a seamless insulating layer with no joints or gaps (studies have shown that with as little as 6% gaps, 30% additional energy is required for heating or cooling).

Permanently self-adhering to virtually any substrate, eliminating the need for costly mechanical fastening, and avoiding associated problems like thermal bridging, and loosening over time.

Due to the higher compressive strength, flexibility and adhesion, it enhances the structure of the substrate (Closed-cell SPF in wall cavity applications has increased racking strength by 330 - 400% in NAHB tests in the USA).

Realizing the immense benefis which SPF offers for producing Sustainable Green Buildings, INSUSEAL will not only function as approved Contractors to install the product, but we will also be involved with educating Architects and other Building Professionals on how to best achieve the benefits of this exciting technology.

We also get closely involved to assist Building Owners and Facility Managers, to gain the Energy Savings by utilizing SPF, for the insulation and protection of existing buildings, and the planning of new projects.

INSUSEAL is currently developing building envelope options incorporating SPF insulation, in collaboration with manufacturers of e.g. rain-screen cladding, and reinforced renderings, to be able to offer systems available overseas, in South Africa, at economical rates.

For the Future we are also working on complete new insulated building systems, utilizing SPF technology, based on models and research successfully implemented over the last couple of decades in Europe and North America.