Building Managers and Owners

Closed-cell Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) systems deliver longer life expectancy and lower lifecycle costs over traditional systems, while affording superior protection to the building at the same time.

There are a number of Benefits which enable significant Cost Savings for the Building Owner at the time of the SPF installation, but which can last for the life of the building:


  • Saves energy costs for both cooling and heating due to superior insulation properties. SPF affords excellent return on investment over relatively short period, especially with the escalating costs of energy in South Africa.
  • Preserves existing building envelopes, by protecting seamlessly against environmental factors like corrosion and thermal shock movement.
  • Structural enhancement with SPF. Existing building envelopes with structural challenges can be significantly improved.
  • Maintenance onSPF is very easy and economical if required.
  • Relatively fast installation.
  • Usually no disruption with daily production activities.
  • Usually no tear-off or replacement costs. Even rusted or pitted sheets or existing asbestos can be permanently sealed and preserved, without the need for replacement.
  • Easy compliance with local Energy Efficiency Regulations.
  • Future-proofing with ‘Next Generation Technology’. Exceeds performance criteria for every Code and every Climate worldwide.

  • Below are some examples of case-studies illustrating the Benefits of SPF for both new build and ‘retro-fit’ installations {click titles to download}

    Return on Investment:
    Click here to download (TEXAS A&M SPECIFIES SPF FOR SUSTAINABILITY.pdf)

    Click here to download (SPF SPRAY PU FOAM OVER 30 YEARS DURABILITY.pdf)
    Click here to download (SPF SPRAY PU FOAM SUSTAINABLE LOW-SLOPE ROOFS.pdf)

    Code Compliance: